Teva's extensive global operations network includes more than 25,000 employees at 80 manufacturing sites in 33 countries.

Teva integrates its generics and specialty capabilities in global research and development division to meet patient needs by combining drug development capabilities with devices, services and technologies.

We strive to deliver high-quality generic and specialty products to different markets - quickly and effectively. This includes highly-responsive customer service representatives, account managers and scientific and logistical support, as well as Research & Development, Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs, IP and marketing personnel.

Quality Assurance

Our dedication to quality is uncompromising, and covers every stage of the development, production and marketing of our medicines. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities feature the most advanced testing equipment to guarantee the quality of our products. Equipment is tested and certified, and every manufacturing process is validated.

Teva’s impeccable adherence to Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Clinical Practice (GCP) is recognized by FDA approval of 26 of our plants, and EMA approval of 31 of our plants. Moreover, each of our pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities is inspected and approved by at least two regulatory authorities worldwide.

With a global presence, timely, reliable and cost-effective distribution is critical to our customers’ ability to provide their end consumers with safe and effective products on time.  Our manufacturing network is continuously optimized so that our customers can have full confidence in our supply chain. This is enabled by high-volume, technologically-advanced distribution facilities. These facilities allow us to deliver new products swiftly and reliably. We continually review our capabilities and capacity. This ensures that we can consistently deliver best-in-class products.